VWAR Ultra Max 2 SmartWatch 49mm


Introducing the VWAR Ultra Max 2 SmartWatch. With its 49mm size and 2.2″ Infinity Screen, it’s a powerful companion for men. Featuring compass, GPS route tracking, and Series 8 technology, this IP68 waterproof watch is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle.

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Compared to the VWAR ULTRA MAX, the VWAR ULTRA MAX 2 has been upgraded with a compass and narrower screen bezels

Why choose VWAR Ultra Max 2?

1. 1:1 49mm Size, 2.2 inch 90MHz frequency Infinity Screen
2. GPS Dynamic Route track (2023 Latest function)
3. Support 3 type custom Watch Faces (Picture dial, album dial, video dial)
4. 450mAH Big Battery
5, upgraded compass

Main Features

2.2-inch giant display, 500+ watchfaces free download, wireless charging, Bluetooth call, IP68 waterproof, voice assistant, NFC access control, independent ringtone, independent clock, Always ON screen, bedside lamp, female physiology, heart rate and ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep, step counting, Bluetooth camera, Bluetooth music, friends, payment code, calculator, phonebook, weather, stopwatch, timer, alarm , Pinlock, flashlight, massage.

Why choose Vwar Ultra Max 2

2.2″ Big Screen
GPS Route track
Multiple NFC
Social QR code
Voice Assistant
3 type custom watch faces
SOS Siren
Steady Dial
Red dot reminder message
Bluetooth Call
Battery Long Life
IP68 Waterproof
Fun Games
Sports modes


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