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VGR Hair Trimmer Adjustable Hair Cutting Machine


Discover the VGR Hair Trimmer, a cordless and adjustable hair cutting machine designed for men. This professional-grade hair clipper, known as the V-669, features a metal trimmer for precise and efficient grooming. Experience the convenience and precision of this top-notch hair cutting tool.

VGR Professional Hair Clipper V-669


★ Two Speed Settings: Choose between two different cutting speeds to ensure a precise and efficient haircut every time.


★Ceramic & Powder Metallurgy Blades: Our electric hair clipper features ceramic and powder metallurgy blades for a sharper and longer-lasting cutting edge.


★ Durable Metal Body: Made from high-quality metal materials, our electric hair clipper is built to withstand years of use without breaking or malfunctioning.


★ Variety of Combs: With multiple comb attachments included, you can easily achieve a range of different hairstyles and lengths with our electric hair clipper.


★ Large Battery Capacity: Equipped with a 2000mAh battery, our electric hair clipper provides long-lasting power for multiple haircuts without needing constant recharging.


What You Get

1 * Hair Clipper

5 * Cutting Guide Comb(1.5-3-6-9-12mm)

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * Cleaning Brush

1 * Instruction manual

All of our products have 12-month warranty


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