Turbo Professional 2500 W Hair Dryer (Purple) Tr501-mo


The Turbo Professional 2500W Hair Dryer in Purple (Model TR501-MO) is a powerful and efficient hair styling tool. With its high wattage, it delivers fast drying and styling results. The sleek purple design adds a touch of style to your beauty routine.

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‘-High Performance Mr and Mrs kuaförlere is designed for 2 segment temperature and 2 speed setting vardır.210 °C sıcaklığa reaches.-1800 & 1900 Watt Turbo AC motor power is 2500 watts performance. Excellent temperature and blowing provide.-270 cm. Cable length and has domestic manufacture. -Official distributors are guaranteed. -Powertec TR-501 blow dryer qualities to users with dream hair restoring sağlar.Lien feng engine blow dryer, temperature and blowing with the features of high performance. -Flexible outer surface possible falls or bumps against dayankıklı is evidence. -Class minimum electrical harcayan blow dryer as its material also is an economical product for benefits that shows. -Cable length allows you to use in the blow.
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