Shavers Razor 3D Beard Trimmer Rotary Facail Head


Discover the ultimate grooming tool for men: a professional electric shaver! This razor features a 3D beard trimmer, rotary facial head, and sideburn and nose trimmers. Perfect for adults seeking a precise and effortless shaving experience.

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Features: full body wash, LED display, floating head, veneer tuning

Razor head: rotary 3-blade head

Cleaning method: full body wash

Life time: 60 minutes or more

Model: 6000

Power mode: charging models

Motor type: brushless motor

Products: single, single + nose hair, single + sideburns, three in one, four in one, single + spare cutter head, four in one + cutter head

Whether there is a floating structure: Yes

Certificate: CE, FCC, MSDS, ROHS, quality inspection report

Endurance: 60 minutes or more

Built-in battery capacity: 300mAh-500mAh (including


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