MAX Pro ANC Best 1:1 Wireless Headphone


Experience the ultimate audio immersion with MAX Pro ANC, the best 1:1 wireless headphone. Enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, stereo sound, active noise cancellation, and transparency mode for superb audio quality. Immerse yourself in the super bass and high-quality sound of these top-notch headphones.

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1:1 version. it doesn’t have any logo, please don’t ask me this question again. thanks.

Note: It will be sent in a carton and it has no retail box!

When you receive it.

I suggest you turn on noise cancellation and turn off spatial audio. You’ll get the perfect sound.

Please do not upload photos to feedback. thanks.


Good quality and Good sound quality.

Real ANC Active noise cancellation

Transparency mode

Same Size and Quality MAX Headphone

Same control as original

Light Sensor

With original smart case ( Auto turn on / off )

360° HIFI Surround Stereo Sound

Big Power Speaker 15D Super Bass

Best Digital HD ANC Microphone clear call

*NEW* Pop up window pairing

Android smartphone search bluetooth name to pairing !

Music time about 15 hours

Siri: Support (long press the play button)

NOTE: There are no other colors. only black.The manufacturer does not produce other colors. Put the headset in the protective case and it will go to sleep. When you take the headset out of the case, it will wake up. It doesn’t have a power button.

Send me a message if you want to see more photos and videos.

When you receive it. Please do not upload photos of headphones to feedback. thanks.

If you are interested in it, and you may buy it later. I suggest you follow my store. Instead of collecting it or putting it in your shopping cart.


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