Magical Water Painting Pen Colorful Mark Pen


Discover the wonders of the Magical Water Painting Pen! This colorful marker uses floating ink to create mesmerizing doodles. Perfect for children’s Montessori education, these water pens bring early learning to life. Explore a world of creativity with this enchanting toy.

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Name: Color whiteboard pen (floating pen)
Material: Plastic
packing: 8 colors /12 colors

techniques used:

1. Prepare a basin of cold water, do not use hot water

2. A dry spoon, dont stick to the water! ! ! (must be a ceramic spoon, iron spoons cannot be used; mirrors are fine too)

3. Draw the pattern you like, wait for a while after painting, and wait for the painting to dry

4. Slow down when you put it in the water, shake it up and down gently, and let the pattern float


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