Kids Walkie Talkie 2PCS Electronic Toys


Discover the perfect gift for kids: 2PCS electronic walkie talkies! These spy gadgets offer a 3km range and are ideal for Christmas or birthdays. Suitable for boys and girls, they guarantee endless fun and communication.

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Product description:

1. (Kid-Friendly Design)

Sleek, brightly colored kids’ walkie talkies attractive for girls and boys. 100% safe for children to use. Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

2.(Built-in 1000mAh Battery)

With built-in 1000mAh battery for kids’ walkie talkies, long working time and convenience for use.

3.(Easy to Use)

With minimal buttons and a straightforward interface, our walkie talkies are very easy to operate, even for young children.

4.(Long Range & Clear Sound)

Whether going on a camping strip, or just having fun around the house, kids love 22 Channels two-way radios for communicating with their family and friends. They will enjoy up to 3~5 km ( completely open place) of uninterrupted communication with clear sound.

5.(Additional Features)

Gift your kid, niece or nephew the walkie talkies! Besides built-in LED flashlight, intuitive LCD display, VOX function and volume control, this set is also equipped with the CTCSS system to help protect your children from outside interference.


Feature1—-Interference Eliminator Code

Interference eliminator codes help minimize interference by providing you with a choice of code combinations.To set the code for a channel:

1.Press MENU key until the code starts to flash.
2.Press to select the code 0-99 or 99-0.
3.Press PTT key to save the code setting.

Feature 2—Locking the Keypad

1.To avoid accidentally changing your radio settings,press CALL key for 3 seconds or until CALL key displays and there is a “beep” tone. You can turn the radio on and off, you can’t adjust the volume, menu, and monitor channels. All other functions are locked.
2.To unlock the radio,press CALL key for 3 seconds or until CALL key is no longer displayed. And there is a “beep” tone.

Note:When locking, only the PTT key and CALL key are valid.

Feature 3—To set a call tone

1.Press MENU key button until c r 08 icon appears.The current call tone
setting will flash.
2.Press (UP/DOWN) to change and hear the call tone.
3.Press PTT key to save.

Feature 4—Voice Operated Transmission(VOX)

Transmission is initiated by speaking into the microphone of the radio instead of the pushing the PTT button.
1. Press the MENU key 3 times to enter the voice control function setting.
2. Voice control level 1-3 optional (lowest level 1, highest level 3, OF is off)

Note:Note Level “N”(OFF) disables VOX Levels 1-3 set the sensitivity of the VOX circuit use level 1 in quiet environments,and use level 3 in very noisy environments. You can find the appropriate sensitivity level by speaking into the microphone.

Packing list:

2* Walkie Talkie

1* USB Cable

1* English Manual

1* Retailed Box


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