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JUCAI PRO-Clipper Cordless Hair, Sculpting Hair Trimmer


Experience the ultimate precision and performance with the JUCAI PRO-Clipper Cordless Hair Trimmer. Sculpt your hair effortlessly with its ultra-fine 0 tooth pitch and powerful 7200RPM motor. Enjoy high-quality charging for uninterrupted grooming.

Product Description

Product model: F88
Input voltage: 5V/1.2A
Adaptive voltage: 110V-240V
Rated power: 6W
Speed: 7200 RPM
Charging time: 3 hours
Service time: 4 hours
Charging mode: from USB to Type-C
Complimentary: original replacement tool head
Blade material: carbon steel blade (babyliss pro same)

Product advantages

1, cool appearance, the most popular appearance design
2. The surface treatment adopts illusion color and bright black coating, and the color is bright
3. It adopts high quality, high torque, low noise, 7200RPM high torque brushless motor with strong power
4, using 18650 lithium battery, the product use time is longer, more than 3 hours
5. The surface of the blade adopts DLC, titanium plating, colorful and other metal hardening treatment
5. The blade is sharper in use, the friction coefficient is small, and the blade is more durable



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