Hair Dryer Blow Dryer


Discover the ultimate hair drying experience with our innovative hair dryer blow dryer. Achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to sleek, shiny hair. Experience faster drying times and customizable settings for the perfect blowout. Upgrade your hair care routine today.

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Providing professional Service En 901
En 901, perfect hair ideal for users who want to have a blow machine. Mr and Mrs kuaförlere towards designed blow dryer sıcaklığı through hair istediğiniz shape is the chance of giving. Design of interest with machine, minimum electrical material basis for having spent also benefits.
Neden En 901 Blow Machine Use?
En 901 blow dryer qualities to users with dream hair restoring sağlar.
  • * Jhonson Engine blow dryer, temperature and blowing with the features of high performance. * Flexible outer surface, possible fall or shock proof is evidence. * Class minimum electrical harcayan blow dryer as its material also is an economical product for benefits that shows. * Cable length, allows you to use in the blow. * Blow machine owned power hair with easy and fast way to shape.
Technical Specifications
  • * Power: 2500 Watt * Color: Black * Speed and Heat Setting: 2 tier * Cable Length: 270 cm * Narrow Hood and Hanging Hook: Have
Professional Providing Care Brand:
2007 Beşir in Abiding by Listing established domestic production, skilled staffs with European standards in production. Evolving technology produced products in the world market.
High Performance Mr And Mrs Kuaförlere Is Designed For 210C Temperature To Desired Shape-Making Ability. Registered Trademark Jhonson Utilize Engines.Kuaförlerin Kullandıgı Ömürlük Machine
Kuaförlerin Kullandıgı Ömürlük Machine Blow Machine Turbo Professınonal Excellent Temperature And Blowing High Performance World Best s first Imams Johnson Electric motor Made In China Is Not
Drops Flexible Outer Surface And Class Minumum Electic Harcayan Product 1800-2000 Watt Performence Temperature Blowing Multiplying 220 & 230 V 50Hz Top Long Wired 2.70 Mt Cable Length.

Excellent Temperature And Blowing

(180-200 To Oc Temperature)

High Performance Johnson Electric Motor

-Class Minimum Electrical Harcayan Product (1800-2000 Watt)
-2500 Watt Performance (Temperature-Blowing Multiplying)
-220 & 230 V
-270 Cm Cable Length
-Domestic Production
-Replacement Parts Warranty

Asma Hook Have
Narrow Hood Have
Difüzör No
Power 2500 W
Speed Adjustment 2 Tier
Heat Setting 2 Tier
Ion No
Use Type Standard
Professional AC Motor No
Color Black
Cold Air Have


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