Electric Shaver Rechargeable Razor Shaving Whisker Knife


Discover the convenience of the Electric Shaver Rechargeable Razor. This portable, floating three-tip whisker knife offers a close shave. Its water wash feature ensures easy cleaning. Ideal for household use.

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Rotaticn speed : 8500rpm

Sideburns knife: Yes

Use time: 40 minutes

Product Size: (m) 150mrx52mm

Knite head material: stain less steel

Charging time: 2H

Chareing methed: USB charging

Product weight ig:140g

Battery capacity / material: 500 mA lithium battery

Cleaning method: the head of the water wash



hign power, with sideburn knife, floatine head.



Use a brush to clean the blades and contact surfaces of your electric shaver, and if you’re using a washable knife, wash it before and after use.


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