Debra Audio DV UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone


Experience high-quality audio recording with the Debra Audio DV UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone. Ideal for phones, DSLR cameras, and live recordings, it offers a 50m range and includes an audio monitor. Perfect for interviews and professional recording.

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DV01/02 UHF Interview Wireless Lavalier Microphone have Real-time Monitoring function


1. UHF wireless lavalier microphone

The signal in the UHF band is stable, with 30 selectable channels in the 520-580MHz frequency range, which can realize interference-free operation, and the working range can reach 50m (165ft).

2. Real-time audio monitoring

Enhanced headphone monitoring function, allowing you to monitor in real time while shooting.

3. Unidirectional lavalier microphone

Directional pickup, cardioid directivity suppresses unwanted noise. The included windshield can also reduce popping, wind and breathing sounds.

The pickup is more accurate and the sound is more delicate.

4. Easy-to-read LED screen

The transmitter with LED display can display battery status, channel and other information. Comes with a camera shoe, which can be directly fixed to your DSLR camera and other shooting equipment.

5. For camera or smartphone

The receiver with 3.5mm interface, with two 3.5mm cables, can be used with laptop/PC/DSLR camera/amplifier/DV/camcorder/smartphone/mixer, etc.

6. Universal battery

The receiver and transmitter both use 2 * 1.5V AA batteries, and the working time is 4-5 hours.

Wireless transmission
Signal stability in UHF band

PS: The product list does not include (battery, headset, mobile phone and other accessories and equipment)

Pay attention to before using this product:

1. The package contains two cables, cell phone cable and camera cable (do not use it wrongly).
2. The white label cable port is connected to the phone or camera.
3. When the volume of the transmitter is turned on half, the noise will be smaller.
4. Select the appropriate frequency.
5. When connecting the camera to use, turn off the camera’s noise floor.

Explanation about the volume knob of DV series receiver:
The volume knob of the receiver of this product is hidden.
1. Because we designed it to be connected to the camera At that time, the volume is not adjustable, because the setting volume of the camera dominates the volume control;
2. For the concise design of the product;
3. We are equipped with a small adjustment stick, which can be used to adjust the volume of the receiver.

The volume adjustment is mainly set on the transmitter, you can easily adjust the volume, so please understand our original intention. thank you.

Use multiple sets of DV together in same time

Step 1: Match the ID code of the transmitter and receiver respectively

Step 2: Turn off the power of the transmitter and receiver of the first set of DV matching the ID code. Then turn on the power of the receiver of the second set of DV, and adjust the frequency point of the transmitter (staggered from the frequency point of the first set of transmitter), and then the receiver and transmitter will be automatically connected (the screen of the receiver Turn on the light), and finally turn off the power of the transmitter and receiver.

Step 3: Match the ID code of the second set of DV according to the first step. Then the two sets can be used together.

Note: If it is DV-02, when the ID code matches, you need to match both CHA and CHB. At the same time, when the frequency points are staggered, both CHA and CHB need to be operated. If the receiver needs to connect to a new transmitter, just match the ID code of the new transmitter and receiver again.

ID code matching operation:

Turn on the power of the receiver, and then press and hold the power switch and select key at the same time when the power of the transmitter is turned off, until “——” appears on the screen, it means that the ID code of the transmitter and the receiver are matched successfully.

Please contact customer service to get the video.


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