Baseus H1 ANC Bluetooth 5.2 Headsets Wireless Headphones


Experience immersive audio with Baseus H1 ANC Bluetooth 5.2 Headsets. Enjoy 40db Active Noise Cancellation, 70h Battery Life, and crisp sound from the 40mm Driver Unit. Wireless freedom awaits!

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H1 ANC Headsets Wireless Headphones
Wireless 5.2
Four ENC Mics
40mm Full Range Audio Unit
70 Hours of Battery Life
Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
The dual-feed active noise cancellation technology combines dual-microphone feedback and feedforward , giving you up to 40dB noise cancellation
Note : 40dB noise reduction is obtained by the rigorous test of Baseus Acoustics Laboratory , and the noise reduction is achieved under the combined effect of active noise reduction and passive noise reduction
Transparency mode
Transparency mode gives you the power to control your listening both internally and externally.
40mm Full Range Audio Unit
40mm large drivers deliver 360 stereo , crisp sound that’ll drive you to max ear pleasure , while expertly balancing high and low frequencies to suit various music genres
70 Hours of Battery Life For multiple scenarios
With noise cancellation off Approx : About70 Hours
With noise cancelation on Approx : About 40Hours
Fully charge the headphonesAppro : AboutHours
10 Min charge for 10 hours of Use
Four ENC Mics
Al Noise Reduction
Removes Echo
Enriches the Voice


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