Baby Toys Emit Sound Emit Light and Roll Rabbit


Discover a captivating world of baby toys that emit sound, light, and roll! Introducing the Rabbit Electric Clapping Induction Baby Crawling Puzzle Toy and Baby Electric Head Up Toy. Engage your little one with interactive playtime wonders.

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Baby Toys Emit Sound Emit Light and Roll Rabbit Electric Clapping Induction Baby Crawling Puzzle Toy Baby Electric Head Up Toy
-1. The electric hand racket induction flipping little cute rabbit is not only beautiful but also fun
-2. Children’s interest cultivation, hand eye coordination, visual tracking, enlightenment and education, safety and environmental protection
-3. When the switch is turned on, the little cute rabbit will rotate and roll 360 ° with both hands. Just clap your hands in front of the little cute rabbit, and the little cute rabbit will start rolling forward towards the front. The cute and interesting movements make the children love them
-4. The cartoon cute rabbit shape, with a round and smooth body without edges and burrs, protects the baby’s delicate hands
-5. The product is made of ABS material, making it easy for children to play and reassuring for mothers
Applicable audience: unlimited
Packaging: Color box
Toy material: plastic
Remote control method: somatosensory
Color: Tipping Little Cute Rabbit. Red, Tipping Little Cute Rabbit. Blue
Applicable age: infants and young children (0-3 years old)
2. Due to screen color difference and environmental factors, there may be differences between the received physical object and the screen observation. This is a normal situation and does not affect usage. Please understand!
3. The size of this product is measured manually, and there may be slight errors compared to the actual received product size. Please understand


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