Baby Crawling Toys Musical Penguin


Engage and entertain your little one with our Musical Penguin Baby Crawling Toys. This interactive and adorable toy encourages movement, walking, and dancing, while also stimulating visual development with its captivating lights. It’s the perfect gift for tummy time play and promotes overall infant development.

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Do not use rechargable batteries or high power batteries. Please use carbon batteries or other normal batteries.


Material:Non-toxic ABS Plastic
Color: Multi-color
Suitable ages:6-18 months babies


【Great Educational Toy】:
Penguin toy is not only an early education machine but also a learning to crawling toy, Which inspires babies to see, listen, touch, crawl and recognize the world. (Tips:Does not go on carpet).The musical Penguin will enlighten children to see, hear, touch, observe and explore cognition.

【Multifunctional Musical Penguin Toy】: This toy suitable for baby girls/boys over 18 months. Built-in heartbeat, animal sounds, lullaby, cheering and other music to guide your baby to understand the world. the musical toys will keep your child happy through his or her early development stages!

【Musical Intelligence Development】: Each feature has a different functional effect. The musical toy can enhance baby’s interaction ability, hearing and improve the baby’s knowledge, the music and animal sounds can teach your child about rhythm; The lamp flashes, promote the development of baby vision ability.

【Safe Musical Baby Toys】: Don’t worry about your Baby bite toy, Which is very safe. Our musical toys are fully certified. It is all made of environmentally friendly materials and doesn’t contain BPA.

【Sturdy and Durable Gift】: Made of ABS material, After many anti-fall tests, this penguin toy can withstand bump,scratch and fall,it’s sturdy enough for babies to play. It will accompany the baby for a longer time.

【Three Gear Switch】:The penguin has a three gear switch.The three gears correspond to power off, learning mode and crawling mode.


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